DUODOPA for BC - PharmaCare coverage for residents with advanced Parkinson symptoms.

Tuesday: Breaking News!

The Ministry of Health says it will work with the Pacific Parkinson’s Research Centre to identify and prioritize patients for coverage of the medication DUODOPA.  Physicians at the centre will identify suitable patients and submit requests for PharmaCare coverage under the ministry’s Special Authority program.

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Who is Barry?

Barry Mansfield is our father, grandfather, friend and teacher. Not long ago he was the youngest 60 year old that you’d have ever met — playing tennis, paragliding, sailing his catamaran. 10 years later, he struggles to make it through the day.

Barry’s ‘off’ days can be so rough that it takes a number of hours to just get moving in the morning and it means attempting to manage pain all day, not leaving the house. He currently needs nearly 50 pills each day to manage his pain and symptoms. Duodopa would dose his meds continuously all day, improving his quality of life dramatically. Doctors are confident this would radically decrease his pain and increase his mobility.

Duodopa therapy is currently not covered by PharmaCare in BC. We are inviting you to advocate with us in a letter writing campaign. Are you ready? Will you help?

Duodopa and BC PharmaCare

Duodopa is used to treat patients with advanced Parkinson’s disease who have severe and disabling motor symptoms that cannot be well controlled with available combinations of medications. It is a levodopa and carbidopa drug combination delivered in the form of a gel through an intestinal pump.

This drug has been approved by Health Canada and is funded in a number of other provinces, excluding British Columbia. Parkinson Society British Columbia aims to be an effective advocate for issues important to the Parkinson’s community. They are currently in discussions with BC PharmaCare about ensuring that individuals who need access to Duodopa therapy are covered under the provincial PharmaCare plan. (src: Parkinson Society BC)

Parkinson Society BC says our support will help. We will help you provide support with a letter, right here and now. Barry and other Parkinson affected people are living with difficulty every day. Do you have 20 minutes right now? This needs more than a ‘click’ support petition. It’s a letter, an envelope and a stamp.